Stronger Together: Imperva API Security is Integrated with Red Hat 3scale API Management

Most enterprises today deploy a multitude of touchpoints where consumers can interact and access the information they require. For many organizations, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the bread-and-butter for enabling inter-enterprise process automation, IoT devices and mobile applications. 

Even though they are working behind the scenes, APIs are ubiquitous. They help to deliver sports updates, post online messages, order food – enabling everything online. To stay competitive, businesses need to publicly expose and rely on API calls to applications that serve business-enabling data to consumers.  However, that dependency also creates risk. Gartner predicts that by 2022, API abuse will become the most frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.

Imperva API Security is a new capability within Imperva’s Application Security suite. As a key part of our defense-in-depth stack, API Security allows users to see security events per API endpoint. API Security also automatically creates and enforces a positive security model layer from the customer’s Open API specification document. 

Scalability and flexibility are essential to API delivery. Red Hat 3scale API Management delivers on performance with uptime guarantees of 99.99%. For those of you already pushing your API calls through Red Hat, you know just how important it is to push hundreds or thousands of calls back and forth with no latency or round trips between your infrastructure. Customers of both Imperva and Red Hat can benefit from a more cohesive solution toward managing, publishing and securing their APIs. And customers of Imperva’s FlexProtect licensing plan can quickly and flexibly add API Security or any of the other capabilities in our comprehensive application security suite so they never have to choose between innovation and protection.

Imperva is a Red Hat Ready Partner and Red Hat is an Imperva Technology Alliance partner.  Red Hat 3scale API Management customers can now layer up to the next level of security features for their APIs without compromising on business agility. Imperva API Security accomplishes this because of its simple integration with Red Hat 3scale API Management. Every addition or change to the APIs on 3scale will immediately and automatically update the positive security model for said APIs. Additionally, security teams gain visibility to all APIs that are externally exposed, as well as to specific threats per API endpoint. 

To integrate Red Hat 3scale API Management easily with Imperva API Security, Imperva provides an open source tool which is hosted in GitHub and managed by the open source community. For additional information, see 


To learn more about how Imperva protects against API abuse, please register to join our upcoming Aug. 28 11 am PT webinar hosted by Ziv and Michael, in which they demonstrate the simplicity of uploading a Swagger file, how the API Security solution automatically enforces a positive security model based on the OpenAPI Specification file, and in turn empowers your DevOps teams to publish and secure their APIs.

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