How does this service work?
  • MAID is a managed service for businesses that want to take the stress away from managing integrations. Let the experts handle the integrations, while your business focuses on what they do best. Most MAID customers don't have the internal capability to run integration across core business systems but need data syncing or process automation between systems.

  • OCG Systems will design, implement, manage and support your data in process integrations.

  • OCG MAID will Monitor, Support and Manage your integrations as per your requirements.
How secure is this service?
  • The MAID Services ensures that all integration processes are safe and secure. Jitterbit uses strict security measures to protect customers’ valuable information, constantly evaluating and improving their systems and processes to keep abreast of latest security demands.

  • MAID Services Application Security Features
    •  Encrypted messaging.
    • Project access restrictions.
    •  Web Services security (v3)
    • No inbound connections from cloud to ‘agent’ (i.e. the server running on
      customer’s network).
    • Password encryption.

  • For more information on security please Contact us.
How can I stop this service?
  • You can stop this service by providing written notice not less than 90 days prior to the expiry of the initial period or any renewal period.
Can you assist with specific workflows for my business?
  • Yes, OCG systems can assist with specific workflows. A requirements workshop will be required to identify and document your workflows.

  • Tell us what you need and we can build it to your specifications.
When am I notified if there is a problem?
  • Error handling and automatic notifications can also be configured into the integration if required.
  • OCG systems will notify all relevant parties if there is an issue.