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Unleash the true value of your SAP investment

As an SAP customer you’re looking to increase the speed, agility, and reach of your SAP investment. Jitterbit’s SAP Connector creates a layer of agility around SAP that unleashes the true power of your back office, connecting it with the speed and innovation of modern cloud and mobile technologies.


The SAP Connector 

  • Complete IDOC, BAPI, RFC compatibility
  • Web Services and SAP BI support
  • Supports custom fields defined in SAP
  • Wizards simplify data mapping and process automation

Automate business processes

  • Sales order shipment and invoice synchronization
  • Access pricing information from quoting and SFA applications
  • Connect shipment information, tracking, and logistics
  • Link forecasts with supply chain and demand forecasting
  • Extract data to external reporting systems and data warehouses

Databases (ODBC, JDBC)

Web Services (SOAP, REST)



Email (SMTP,POP3)


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