Unleash Salesforce to become a Customer Company.

Unlock the true value of your Salesforce investment

As a Salesforce organization you’re looking  to become a true Customer Company that puts your clients at the center of your business.  This starts with integrating the Salesforce front office with your back office and other Cloud, On-premise, and Social/Mobile applications.

Jitterbit Data Loader

  • Move data to and from any flat file or database
  • Configure Query, Upsert, Insert, Delete, and Update operations
  • Bulk API support for high performance import/export
  • Schedule operations to run automatically

ConnectTM for Salesforce 

  • Complete integration with 250+ applications
  • Connectivity to all SOAP, REST, Bulk, and Metadata APIs
  • Supports all custom fields and objects
  • Wizards simplify configuration and process automation
  • Jitterbit Automapper speeds data mapping and transformation

Automate business processes

  • Synchronize Accounts/Contacts with your customer master
  • Automate quote-to-cash with your order management system
  • Give your front office visibility to shipment, tracking, and logistics
  • Link supply chain and demand forecasts with Salesforce
  • Extract data to external reporting systems and data warehouses

Ready to get started?