Today, there are many existing technologies in your business that you rely on day to day.

These applications help make your life easier and your teams more productive.

Each of these applications holds data to support your core business processes. The OCG Managed Application Integration on-Demand (MAID) service syncs your data, manages your integration and automates your processes across these applications.

Currently, your technology landscape has siloed data and most likely requires integration of on-premise, cloud and SaaS systems to support automation of business processes.

With MAID, you can integrate all your SaaS, cloud or on-premise systems and easily create, secure and manage these integrations as a single service.

We built MAID for customers that don’t have in-house IT resources, don’t want to buy and manage a platform, touch any code, but still require integration of their systems. It’s a fully managed, monitored and supported service that allows you to meet all your business integration needs. OCG MAID is powered by world leader Jitterbit and our expert team.

Here is how it works...


The MAID service pricing covers associated licenses, 24x7 monitoring of agents, support and archival management of your integrations wrapped together with the Jitterbit platform. Pricing depends on the number of endpoints, process/operations and complexity.


  • World-leading platform - Jitterbit
  • Integration expert support team
  • Flexible payment structure (Monthly debit option available).


OCG will provide a local support for any issues with a 1-hour response time.This comes with an unlimited number of cases.

Support covers any issues that are associated with the MAID integration. Multi-channel notification via email or phone. MAID real-time notifications of data errors and agents connectivity with 24/7 coverage for "production down" issues


  • Local support with 1-hour response time
  • Unlimited cases
  • Multichannel Notification via email or phone
  • Real-time notifications of data errors and agents 
  • 24/7 coverage for "production down" issues


OCG Systems will monitor and notify customers of any system issues. We ensure that any error handling and monitoring is directed to our SME’s, for resolution or escalation.

OCG Systems will provide notification of issues as well as Monitor and review system and operational logs.


  • Monitor and notify customers of any system issues
  • Error handling and monitoring directed to our SME’s
  • Monitor and review system and operational logs