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Innovative Insight for Algorithmic IT Operations Platforms

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“For far too long, IT operations management (ITOM) has been a series of “big data” challenges in terms of scale and complexity being managed with multiple, often isolated, and largely manual, “small data” tactics and tools. Current and future demands of ITOM cannot be met without taking full advantage of the same advanced analytical technologies used to support the most demanding of business applications (fraud detection) and deliver differentiating digital experiences to consumers (content delivery, social media).

However, doing so requires discarding technological, behavioral and procedural constraints that have accumulated over decades, in favor of a datadriven, algorithmic, collaborative, even experimental approach to ITOM. This rethinking of ITOM functions based on a platform that enables the real-time and historical analysis of data from any source, assisted by machines, represents both radical change in approach and opportunity.”*


This report includes:

  • Key findings on Algorithmic IT Operations Platforms (AIOps)
  • Investment recommendations
  • Benefits and Uses for Algorithmic IT Operations Platforms (Monitoring, Service Support, Business Value)
  • Risks in Adoption of New Technologies

Strategic Planning Assumption:

“By 2019, 25% of global enterprises will have strategically implemented an AIOps platform that supports tow or more major IT operations, up from fewer than 5% today.”*

* Source: Gartner Research Note, “Innovative Insight for Algorithmic IT Operations Platforms”, March 24, 2016



Source: Sumologic

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