Five Steps to Better Application Monitoring and Troubleshooting

There is no doubt that application monitoring and troubleshooting will evolve with the shift to modern applications. The only question is: are you ready?

Modern applications leverage new architectures such as IaaS, PaaS and microservices
and embrace new DevOps and agile processes to drive differentiated customer
experiences. These new approaches blur the traditional relationships between discrete
technology layers and organizational teams in the interest of accelerating business
innovation. The outcome? Modern application management becomes an order of
magnitude more difficult.

The solution to improving modern application management can be found in one of the
most overlooked IT assets: machine data. Machine data consists of oceans of
unstructured and semi-structured log files and structured time-series metrics. Managing
log files and metrics requires a solution that, unlike today’s home-grown and on-
premises packaged solutions, is built from the ground up to scale to the volume, variety
and velocity of today’s rapidly proliferating machine data and can unify logs and metrics
for unprecedented application visibility. Cloud-native platforms offer the best delivery
option as they are designed from the ground up for elasticity, scalability and self-service.

The following paper outlines the different ways in which the next generation in machine
data analytics can dramatically improve your modern applications performance—and
thus your business performance. The five steps to better application monitoring and
troubleshooting can help you reduce application downtime, become more proactive and
optimize the customer experience.

Source: Sumologic

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