Docker From Code to Container

The combination of instant startup and reliable execution makes Docker containers ideal for application development and testing. As DevOps teams iterate to deliver faster and automate more, containers help simplify this process with easy developer to test to production flows for services deployed, often in the cloud. However, teams challenged by new complexities and security concerns still struggle with deploying applications into production environments.

Docker From Code to Container explains how containerization enables Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes, shows how you can take Docker to production with confidence, walks you through the process of building applications with Docker Compose, and presents a comprehensive model for monitoring Docker both your application stack and your Docker ecosystem.

Ultimately, you will learn how containers enable DevOps teams build, run and secure their Dockerized a applications. In this Webinar you will learn:

  • How Docker enables continuous integration and delivery
  • How to gauge the health of your Docker ecosystem using analytics
  • Best practices for securing docker containers

Docker From Code to Container

Table of Contents

  • Docker and DevOps – Enabling DevOps Teams Through Containerization
  • Taking Docker to Production with Confidence
  • How to Build Applications with Docker Compose
  • Docker Logging and Comprehensive Monitoring

Docker Resources

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