Australian Prudential Regulation (APRA) Compliance

While cloud-computing services may bring significant benefits to enterprises, such as economies of scale, increased agility, and elastic scalability, they may also bring associated risks and require a greater degree of caution and supervisory interest. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) recognizes that cloud computing represent a significant change to the way technology is employed. And to their credit, rather than cut this path off from APRA-regulated entities, they encourage ongoing dialog with industry, but want to ensure prudent practices are in place and risks are adequately mitigated.

This white paper is intended for stakeholders within APRA-regulated entities to understand how the Sumo Logic data analytics service meets APRA requirements and feel comfortable sending log and metrics data to a cloud-based service provider.

APRA Regulatory Compliance

APRA regulations

Source: Sumologic

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