Akamai is the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services and solutions for web performance, enterprise applications, online video, media delivery, and cloud security solutions to any device, anywhere.



Akamai Web Performance Solutions

Connected audiences expect instant, reliable, secure access to websites and applications – from any device, anywhere. Akamai Web Performance Solutions help you engage consumers with fast, personalized online experiences, enabling you to increase revenue opportunities, gain IT agility and scale globally.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions

Consumers expect a flawless viewing experience and instant access to high definition video content on any screen. Delivering software updates, games, social media, news and other content must also be seamless, fast and scalable. Akamai Media Delivery Solutions help you engage audiences globally by delivery content at the highest quality wherever and whenever users want — without having to build out costly infrastructure — to scale with the growth and complexity of different connected device types.

Akamai Cloud Security Solutions

Online threats are constantly changing. Offering protection against the largest and most sophisticated attacks, Akamai helps you safeguard your websites and other Internet-facing applications from the risks of downtime and data theft. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, Akamai Cloud Security Solutions provide the scale to stop the largest Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) and web application attacks without reducing performance, as well as intelligence into the latest threats and the expertise to adapt to shifting tactics and attack vectors.

Akamai Cloud Networking Solutions

Business and consumer users expect fast, high-quality application and video experiences, regardless of location or device. Akamai Cloud Networking Solutions help boost enterprise productivity and revenue by accelerating in-branch applications, reducing enterprise network costs and successfully bringing the Internet and public clouds into the enterprise network.

Akamai Network Operator Solutions

Subscribers expect a broadcast quality experience with engaging video content on any device. Akamai Network Operator Solutions help providers operate a cost-efficient network that capitalizes on traffic growth and new subscriber services by reducing the complexity of building a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and interconnecting it across providers.

Akamai Services & Support Solutions

Akamai’s Services & Support team inspires innovation and removes complexity as your online strategies evolve, integrating and deploying solutions with ease and keeping online business running smoothly 24×7. Our Internet experts around the globe are an extension to the enterprise, leveraging more than a decade of experience to provide world-class support, problem resolution and customized service – ensuring optimized online success for all of our customers.

Intelligent Platform


The Internet was not designed for the rigors of business that we experience today. Anticipating the traffic, innovation and demand to come, Akamai created a business-ready platform. We have transformed the Internet into a fast, reliable and secure place to deliver content and applications. At the core of Akamai’s platform is intelligent software… patented algorithms that help companies overcome unreliable networks, congestion, inefficient protocols and malicious attacks. It maps users to the most optimal servers, routes traffic along the fastest paths, shapes content for the most efficient delivery, and mitigates cyber threats. This intelligent software ties everything together in a single, united platform delivering high levels of availability, on-demand scale and around-the-clock insight and control.



The Akamai Platform stands between your infrastructure and the public Internet’s great unknown, helping to protect your content, applications and data centers from cyber threats. Because we deliver 15-30% of the world’s web interactions every day we see more malicious requests than anyone. We continually analyze data from hundreds of millions of unique IP addresses, and our distributed architecture absorbs, deflects and filters malicious requests close to the attack source.

Akamai offers a comprehensive portfolio of TLS certificate options with complete lifecycle management, and has the tools, systems, and expertise to meet the needs of every business delivering traffic securely over HTTPS. Akamai also leads the way in helping even highly-regulated industries to leverage CDN and Cloud Security Services through certifications and compliance management frameworks including Level1 PCI and FedRamp Compliance, ISO20xxx, HIPAA, FISMA, BITS and others.



Akamai continues to grow our Intelligent Platform to keep pace with the rapidly increasing volume of Internet traffic and devices, the rich nature of content, the complexity of interactions, and the evolving landscape of cyber threats. We have flawlessly delivered many of the world’s largest live and on-demand media events of the past decade, handled peak online shopping seasons year after year, and thwarted the largest DDoS attacks. We manage the complexities that come with unpredictable audience sizes and deliver great experiences wherever and whenever customers demand them, so companies don’t have to provision for them on their own.



We’ve made it easy to customize and control the content and applications you deliver on Akamai’s Intelligent Platform. Our LUNA Control Center provides unique views and comprehensive reporting of all your web properties with a toolset that helps you quickly onboard, configure and customize your own capabilities. The tools are intuitive and simple, without sacrificing any of the rich features built within the Akamai Platform that can optimize even the most complicated web operations.

All data and controls within the LUNA Control Center can be accessed through a set of standard APIs so you can further develop and operate your business with the Akamai Platform in mind. Akamai’s Open Platform Initiative facilitates innovation and community collaboration.